Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pumpie is Dead

OK, I'll admit it, I never named the new pump that I started on last week. Maybe that is the problem. Or maybe it's that I put it in my sweaty jog bra for my run this morning. Or that I loaded it up myself without waiting for my official training since it is the same brand as the pump I have worn for the last 4 years. This poor pump has been disrespected from the get-go. So I am posthumously calling it "Pumpie". It's sort of like how you call a new dog "Puppy" until you figure out it's real name.

I have cancelled my plans to go to Dallas today and am waiting for a call from my doctor's office. I have an old "Plan B" for occasions like this involving NPH (which I don't have on hand), but until now have never had to use it, so thought I'd check in. New pump will arrive tomorrow.

So I have two questions for the learned OC. (1) What is your "Plan B" insulin regimen for short-term pump failures? and (2) Got any suggestions on what to name the new pump that arrives tomorrow? I want to get it off to a good start by showing it the proper respect.