Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's all good, right?

The last few days have been mostly good.

1. Met with the running group on Saturday morning. The run was cancelled due to lightening. But as I chatted with a woman about how fast gels hit your system, I mentioned that I wore an insulin pump. She said one of the marathon coaches is also a pumper! He wasn't there, but I just can't get over how cool that is. What are the odds, since I've only met a couple of other people (other than here in blogland). I will plan on meeting him and picking his brain later.

2. Appointment with the endoc went well today. A1C was 6.3, and HDL (the good kind) was still over 100. Everything else OK. Also, he went skiing the same place I did last year, so it was fun to compare notes on that.

3. I haven't been doing much praying or bible study lately, but yesterday I picked up a bible study on the parables, completed the first chapter, and prayed. I wrote the prayers down, and asked God to show me how to use my talents to serve Him. I don't have a church to call home right now, so that's out. But today, I went to the internet to check out volunteer opps with a local charity I think does good work. All of them left me feeling unmoved, but I clicked on the link anyway, just to see where it would take me. It took me to a listing of local volunteer opps. One of them is with an organization that uses horses as therapy for children. Very cool, as I love animals and have had a lifelong fascination with horses. This charity appears to need help in several areas. I'm going to check it out.

I went with hubby to the local rec center this evening so he could run around the indoor track. I already ran outside this morning and lifted weights, so sat on a bench reading a book. My old Jazzercise instructor approached me, we caught up a bit, and she asked me if I'd like to be a class manager as she has a couple of openings. At first I said "no" since I'm training for a half marathon and go to another gym. But then I realized this might be an answer to that prayer and it might not be all about me! So I told her I'd think about it and wrote down her cell number.

4. On the not so good side, my run this morning sucked. I woke up with BG of 295, and gave myself about 2/3 the normal correction bolus. Headed out to run and felt like crap most of the way. Yes, I know it is not recommended to exercise with BG over 225, but I'm trying to stick to a schedule here! Felt nauseous as I arrived back home and figured I was still too high. But BG was 65. Not too bad really, but it felt yucky.

Geez, my posts are so long they bore me. I either need to learn brevity or post more often :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Co-Pay Roulette

Step right up folks, spin the wheel and win a new co-pay!
Disclaimer: This is purely a game of chance, no logic involved, and the house usually wins.
I am now on hubby's insurance, which is with United Healthcare (Medco for pharmacy). United (Medco) was also my previous insurance carrier, but this is a different plan/employer.
This all started when I went to the local pharmacy yesterday to pick up refills on my test strips and birth control pills. The test strips rang up with ZERO co-pay, which is a new but welcome phenomenon. The BC pills (same ones I have been taking for years), could not be filled because they needed "pre-authorization" from the doctor. Huh???? I wonder if the ins co would rather pay for a complex pregnancy for a Type 1 over 40 than BC pills.
So I decided to take the bull by the horns and call Medco. I'm convinced the first person I talked to was not really a person, but a trained parrot. When I asked why the BC pills required pre-authorization since the purpose was obvious, she just kept giving me the number for the doctor to call. Apparently they can answer who, what, when and where, but not why.
I then went through their automated system to get co-pays on Novolog, Cozmo Cartridges and Quick-Sets. The co-pay on Novolog was about $25 for 30 day supply locally -- OK, not too bad. And the co-pay on Cozmo Cartridges was ZERO for mail order from Medco -- GREAT, but really?? since I had been paying $125 before to for the same thing to Medco?
I couldn't get the automated system to recognize the Quick-Sets, so called back in for a live person. She confirmed that the Cartridges really are free, but that Medco no longer carries Quick-Sets and I will need to get those from my local pharmacy. Co-pay will be 30% of cost with a minimum of $20 and a max of $75. I didn't think local pharmacies carried infusion sets, and told the insurance rep that. She said that Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. do carry them. I thought "maybe something has changed since I tried that years ago", and called 3 local pharmacies. They don't carry them.
So I have left a message with the mail order diabetes supply house that I used previously (that is before Medco told me I had to order from Medco several years ago).
It's hard for me to trust a parrot, so a question for the OC....any of you getting Minimed Quicksets from Medco? I find it hard to believe they don't carry them anymore.
I wonder what the next spin of the wheel is going to yield. Oh well, so far I'm doing better than I did with the slot machines in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Have I Lost My Ever Lovin' Mind?

Well, I did it. Or I should say "we" did it. Hubby and I signed up for a half marathon training program tonight. I'm a 5K veteran, that is if a handfull of not-so-speedy 5K's makes one a veteran. But a half marathon is a whole 'nother animal. As in four times as long as a 5K. But it is a six month training program that starts from about where I am now, so that makes me feel that it is possible.

Tonight was orientation, and I had a chance to talk to the coaches. I talked to them about testing and my hope that I would not hold the group back when I stoped to test. I'm OK with NOT testing for the 3 and 4 milers that I do now, but with the mileage ramp-up, I'm not sure how the old bod will react. Should be interesting.

I'm VERY happy that hubby also signed up. At orientation he ran into (well not literally...there was no running, just talk) a friend he used to work with. They will be in the same training group. He was on the fence about signing up, so this was really nice. The CEO/Owner of the company I resigned from a month ago is also planning to participate, so I look forward to catching up with him without the pressures of work intervening. We ran together once, and seemed pretty well matched. But I have the feeling he may be faster than me. I guess we'll see.

As far as a name for my new pump, I'm still undecided. My first pump was named Wilbur...partly for Charlotte's web, and partly for a wonderful cat that graced our lives for many years. I'm seriously considering Chrissy, in honor of one my favorite dogs who is no longer with us. She was so sweet and affectionate, but also moody, so I'm a little hesitant to name a pump after a moody dog. But Chrissy just has a nice ring to it, and despite her moods, she loved us in her doggy way.

I've really been enjoying my sabbatical, and catching up on yard work. I am really enjoying using my body as opposed to my brain. Know that sounds silly, but after 20 years in accounting/finance/mgmt, maybe it's understandable. After doing yard work, I can see a difference. After many meetings I often could not.

That's about it. I thought I would blog more after my "retirement", but I've pretty much avoided anything requiring thought lately. Maybe after I get the yard in shape..... I still enjoy reading yours though, so if you're so inclined, keep up the good work fellow bloggers :)