Monday, December 15, 2008

To reschecule or not to reschedule....

....that is the question.

I had to cancel my endoc appt. 2 wks ago due to a stomach bug, and have yet to reschedule it. I guess there are two components to my reluctance. First, I have the feeling my A1C will not be stellar. I'm always thinking that though, and am usually pleasantly surprised with the results. So the bigger factor is that I still feel like I don't get much help from my endoc other than ensuring a signature on those prescriptions.

When I mentioned to a friend at church who is a nurse that I had to cancel my endoc appt and mammogram last week, she got this worried look on her face and said something like "Oh, wow, that's not good, will you be OK until you can get in to see your endoc?". A nice well-meaning question, but pretty far off target. I replied, "I've been at this a long time, and really the endoc doesn't tell me much I don't already know." Probably sounded arrogant, but it's true.

Last time, I asked him for help in avoiding lows while running. He said I could fax him some numbers and handed me a worksheet with blanks for only before and after meals, no space for a pump basal rate, etc. I asked if I could send him a spreadsheet instead that included room for more testing, carb intake, etc. surrounding exercise, and he said they preferred all patients to use their (totally inadequate) form. This really should not upset me that much since I have a history of not doing a very good job of logging anyway. But it was just a sign of being alone in managing my diabetes, and has rattled around in my brain since then. Were it not for this wonderful online community, I would feel very alone with it indeed.

On the plus side, he did suggest I look into CGM's, and would likely be willing to help me get one. He was also very helpful when I had a pump malfunction that required me going back to shots for a little while. I'm probably looking for too much in a doctor, and this one isn't bad. So I guess I just need to book that appointment. Maybe I'll call...tomorrow.

I'm also many of you feel that you genuinely get help with your specific issues from your endoc/diabetes team? Am I expecting too much?