Friday, January 26, 2007

To Ski or Not to Ski

Here I am heading towards a nice bonus at work after a very tumultous career year, and hubby's job now includes flight benefits (which we thought were gone forever....whole 'nother story). So I'm thinking, cool, good year for a ski trip with the girls. Except the "girls" are my friend, her sister, and her sister's friend. And my friend is going on a cruise and then having shoulder surgery that has a long recovery. Screech....there goes the ski trip.

Or does it? I found a "Ski Camp" just for women in Utah. Looks like a good growth experience seeing as how I'm a low intermediate chicken of a skier with delusions of grandeur AND a strong introvert. I rarely fall because I take very few risks. I only ski about once every 3 years, but dream of it often. This camp is for intermediate to advanced skiers and I will likely be outclassed. It says you will be encouraged to go to the next level. Four days of on-mountain instruction and challenge, demos, opportunities to learn to telemark or snowshoe, yoga in the mornings, tips from pros, welcome cocktails, closing banquet. Sounds overwhelming in a way, but somehow I'm drawn to it (is this like a mosquito heading for the bug zapper?).

So why am I hesitating? It's expensive and I've tried to play the "thrifty spouse" card. But my incredible hubby says go for it. I thought work might be a problem, but I got the days off approved today. Everyone I have asked is encouraging me to go.

So is part of it diabetes? What if....I get up there all by myself and have a severe low? How will my BG's react to 4 days of very different activity? What basal rate will I use? What if I crash and burn and ruin my pump? What if I have a series of lows, have to stop to eat and recover and slow the group down? What if....I get hurt, and noone knows how to take care of me and my diabetes?

All of these are thoughts I would not have had before diabetes. So I have to wonder.... how many of my life choices are being shaped by it? Will I let this be one of them?


Megan said...

I LOOOVVVEEE skiing! You should definitely go for it!

My ski parka has lots of pockets. My strips and lancing device go in one, with glucose tabs. My pump goes in another. I put some cash, my debit card, and a drivers license in another. I also carry an albuterol inhaler. Nestled inside the warm pockets near my body, all my supplies is fine.

I need to use a really low rate for skiing- like 10%. I think the fact that I do it for like 5 or 6 hours at a time depletes my glycogen stores. So just make sure you test a lot and carry sugar.

Seriously though, it's great. Go for it.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Go for it!

Plan as best you can, anticipate as best you can, but don't let diabetes stop you if you want to go.

I'm sure that you can deal with whatever situation comes up. Heck, you live life with diabetes! We're professionals!

MileMasterSarah said...

You should totally do it. I ran two half marathon’s last year, and I did it despite my diabetes. Anticipate the possibilities as much as possible and just DO IT! Seriously, if you don’t, you may regret it for the rest of your life!

Carol said...

Thanks for all the encouragement. You guys are so great! Megan, I hope you get to ski soon. Scott, at least we are professionals at something :-) I am leaning towards doing it, and just might make that phone call today. Sarah, we have some things in of my goals for this year is a half mary. Just got back from a five mile run, and increasing the distance to more than twice that seems like a dream right now, but then 5 miles seemed like a dream this time last year. Hope you can get back to running, but is sounds like you have your hands full right now.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

GO - definitely, but be careful. This has always been my approach to myself, my kids, everything in life. Don't be tied down/limited - but DO be extra careful!

Carol said...

I booked it! Thanks so much for all your encouragement. Megan, I have one of those jackets with many pockets...problem is, I forget where I put what.

Gripperm said...

Go for it! just do some planning thats all. Diabetes is a serious health condition but it does not require you to stay locked in your house in a bubble. My mother was born a diabetic and she has done more in her life than I will ever do. It just takes some planning.