Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Not Always the D

I just returned from a run that dropped my blood sugar. Only down to 72, but in the middle of a run, that's not the best place for it to be. So I choked down 4 glucose tabs, swigged some water, and continued on. Not the best run, but it's summer in TX, and the heat and humidity really saps me. When I got home, I took off all my gear (fuel belt, Ipod, etc.) as usual. Then I noticed that I could not hear well out of my right ear. Sort of felt like it was under water.

So I start thinking, wow, this must be a new symptom of a low. As I got my meter out, I was expecting a 46 or something similar. But my blood sugar tested at 116, so all was well there. Then I start wondering if maybe I have some water in my ear from swimming on Sunday, or maybe I turned my Ipod up too loud, or maybe this is a residual symptom of an earlier drop in blood sugar, or.....???? Finally, I reached up to feel my ear and realized that the spongy earbud cover from my ipod had come off and stayed stuck in there. Had to just laugh at that point. Talk about overlooking the obvious! I hate it when other people or doctors jump to the conclusion that everything going on with us is somehow D related, and there I went and did it myself!


meanderings said...

Aren't you glad you figured it out before you asked someone to look?

Unknown said...

That is hilarious!!

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