Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Value of Acknowledgement

I went to a new podiatrist this week for an opinion as to whether my orthotics and shoes were right for me. Long runs have been causing me some pain, and I'm trying to be proactive about it instead of waiting for a total breakdown that makes me scrub my goal of my 3rd half marathon. So I found one who is about my age, and training for her first ironman. Based on my experience with other non-endoc medical professionals, I wasn't expecting a whole lot with regards to diabetes understanding.

We got to that inevitable question..."So, how is your diabetes?". I proceeded to tell her "decent...A1C usually around 6.5, slipped up to 7.0 last time but working on it". The next thing she said was music to my ears. "Well, it can always be better, but that's actually pretty good for a T1. I know it's a really difficult thing to manage." It was those last words that got me. I just don't hear that much except for the DOC. It means so much for someone else to simply acknowledge that it is difficult. No advice, no second guessing, no dwelling on the issue, just acknowledgement of what is a fact.

I hope I can apply that to being a better friend to others.

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