Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chips and Honey

Thanks to the members of the OC for the warm welcome! You are an amazing and encouraging bunch, and you even gave me permission to whine. Anyone who wants to add my link to their page is welcome to. I'd like to do same, but haven't figured out how yet.

The Tex-Mex Treatment
It's Thursday night. I'm tired, Kerry (DH) is tired and we are both hungry. This is not a good combination for maintaining willpower, so we decide to blow off our usual trip to the gym, and head instead to Posado's, a tex-mex restaurant. I order a glass of wine, he orders a beer and we start talking. I notice that I cannot really follow what he is saying...something about IP addresses, servers and a lack of communication, but it's all really fuzzy (no, the wine had not arrived). Tech talk gets fuzzy for me anyway, but the conversation just seems kind of far off. So I test and see a 53 on the meter. I don't really want the glucose tabs in my purse since my mouth is set for mexican food. So I get serious about munching the chips and hot sauce. Still feeling fuzzy headed. But I salvage the mexican theme when I see a bottle of honey on the table and start to use it as my new chip dip. The glucose tabs never come out.

One More thing We Cannot Do
On a different note, was having a conversation with a co-worker. She is a smoker. I lead our wellness program at work (yes, I know...quite a contradiction to the behavior above:-), and I was asking her how the company could help those who might be at the point of wanting to quit. She said..."You don't smoke, right? Diabetics can't smoke." I kind of chuckled and said, "Yes, actually we can, but fortunately I never took it up". Where do people come up with this stuff? And why don't I think of better responses on the fly?


Rachel said...

Remind them that no one should smoke. ;)

...oh, hi!

MileMasterSarah said...

haha, ive also gotten the "diabetics can't drink" thing as well.