Sunday, December 17, 2006

San Francisco

Just returned home from a short trip to San Francisco. Hubby had training there for a week, so I joined him starting Wednesday night to do some sight seeing. We were staying downtown and didn't have a car, so I decided to explore the city on foot. For two days I literally walked for 5 or 6 hours a day. It was interesting the effect this had on my bg, as in " can I find a job where I walk all the time?"

Fantasy Blood Sugars for a Day

Friday was one of those walking days and also included a 4o minute run along the Embarcadero, a little weight lifting in the hotel gym, and a delicious italian dinner (ravioli in cheese sauce:-) in South Beach. The BG's...drumroll please...55,69,87,117,69,93,103,99. Scott, please do not report me to the "excessive testing police". By golly, those numbers look downright non-diabetic! But as if to keep me from entertaining THAT fantasy, reality sets in hat I'm back home. So far this morning 139 (1am, 3 hours after last meal...not bad) then whammo this morning 266 (6 am), 274(8 am).


Did you know that Chinatown is a good place to fix your insulin pump? A small piece of plastic on the cap that holds the reservoir in place chipped off, and while the cap would screw on, it was tilted and would not sit squarely as it should. I became concerned that it might impact delivery. So off I went on my excursion for the day and I saw a general store in Chinatown, figuring I could maybe tape the cap down with tape or a bandaid or something until I could get a new one. The shop was part hardware store, so after considering duct tape and masking tape, I settled on a three roll pack of yellow, blue and red PVC pipe tape (hey, the pump IS plastic, right). The proprietor even let me use his scissors and helped me tape it up.

I also did not realize that taking pictures of food at an asian grocery is NOT looked upon favorably. I was happily doing the tourist thing, snapping digital pics of everything in sight, when the shopkeeper started yelling at me. I really thought she was going to hit me. She screamed something about me going back to school to learn some respect. I got the picture (literally and figuratively).

But all in all a great time and some interesting experiences.


Scott said...

Sounds like a great trip!

Those BG's were totally awesome! I promise, I won't turn you in - but how about a pat on the back for such great numbers!

I had no idea that you shouldn't take any pictures at the asian grocery! I do now though!

Bernard Farrell said...

I'm envious, I've only been to San Francisco once but I did love it.

Those are excellent numbers (well maybe the 55 was a tad low), can I have them?

Welcome to blogland, by the way.