Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Educational Opportunity

Outside my office (which I will soon be vacating), sits some of the company's IT staff. Among them is a young fellow, Daniel. He's very sharp, graduated from MIT and deep down, is a nice kid. But he is also an impetuous hothead who talks and cusses incessantly. Let's just say he has provided hours of entertainment. So I heard him spouting off yesterday about how the coke and candy he was eating had so much sugar he would probably get diabetes. He continues to run on about how sugar is what causes diabetes, and how he is probably doomed to get it.

Finally, I step into the fray, and asked him if he was sure about sugar consumption causing diabetes. "Absolutely" he replies, "everybody knows that". So I bait the hook a little more with "Daniel, are you 100% sure?". His reply, "oh yes". I give him one more chance "No doubt in your mind?". He says: "Nope, none."

By this time about five of his co-workers are looking on, several of whom know that I wear a pump and have diabetes. They are smiling and looking on, knowing what is coming. So I tell Daniel that I happen to know that what he is saying is not true, point to my pump and ask him if he knows what it is? He says confidently "It's a cell phone". I say "wrong again, it's an insulin pump, and I have diabetes". His expression was priceless, and he started trying to backpedal, but dug a deeper hole. Finally, he says..."I'm an asshole". I reply with, "yes, I know, but we love you anyway" and proceded with my elevator speech about diabetes.


Bernard said...

Ah the impetuousness of youth. It's a wonderful thing.

It's amazing just how little people know about diabetes. Those who don't have diabetes seem to have no clue about this complex disease.

I think a large portion of those will (unfortunately) be learning about it in the future.

Jonah said...

Good for you!
I hope it sticks in his head.

Johnboy said...

What a priceless lesson for the young, whippersnapper. Nicely done, Carol!

Love the concept of your blog. :)

Kerri. said...

Well played, Carol. :)