Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Great Unknown

Tomorrow is the day. I'm tendering my resignation, giving a month's notice. I've been struggling with this decision for over a year. I have prayed and asked for God's wisdom, talked it through with hubby, and asked for input from friends and other wise counselors. It is unanimous.

From the outside it may look crazy. In many people's eyes, I have the perfect job. Nice salary, good benefits, short commute, flexible hours, spot on the executive team, the trust of the CEO/owner, almost eight years of tenure and the vacation that goes with that. It is very convenient, safe, and familiar. But what the job itself has evolved into, I dread most days. Money, convenience and my need for security are the only things still keeping me there. I am truly blessed to have the option to give this up, and I know that for many, there is not an option like that. It hasn't always been for me either.

I have had a mounting sense that I no longer was supposed to be there that gets so strong it literally leaves me speechless. I know that God has something better than money and convenience ahead. I'm a planner at heart, but I don't know the details of the plan this time. That's hard, but I'm going to open myself up to letting it not be my plan this time.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

What can look like a perfect job to others is NOT always what is best for you. I have in the past quit, "SUPER" jobs. No matter how well a job pays or how convenient it is, you also have to be happy with it. You spend most of your day there. I didn't regret my decision. It is scary not knowing what the future will hold, and that makes you brave to stick out you neck and not be complacent with what you have. Good luck!

Carol said...

Thanks Chrissie. I really appreciate your perspective, especially since you have been there and done that. I hope to have more time to get over to your blog in the near future:)

Vivian said...

These are the moments that are all about faith. If you are being called to leave your comfort zone it is an opportunity. Most people are so afraid to step out on faith that they miss out on the wonderful gifts that wait around the corner. Congratulations on your decision and I hope you are truly blessed in the end.