Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Diabetic Runner Challenge

So I just signed up for the Diabetic Runner Challenge. Cool idea, thanks for creating it Jamie! If you want to join the fun, go to .

The goal I set is to run 500 miles in 2008 or roughly 10 miles/week. I actually plan on averaging closer to the 20 miles throughout the year, but I learned in 2007 that it pays to rest when your body needs it.

A "too much, too soon" type of injury (hip flexor strain) kept me out of running for 6 weeks, so I didn't want to tempt myself to keep going when I shouldn't. The injury came at exactly the wrong time running wise, and I missed my first ever half marathon (Dallas White Rock) despite having trained over the long hot Texas summer and ramping my long run up to 11 miles.

I still want to run a half, so have set my sights on the Cowtown Half in late February. Im using a more conservative training schedule....Hal Higdon Novice Half Marathon plan. It has more cross training, strength training and rest than the plan I used previously, and so far feels more right for my body and experience level.

I'm hoping that accepting this challenge will also motivate me to be more diligent about logging my miles AND my blood sugar.


Jamie said...

So glad you signed up for the challenge, and I'm wishing you a great year of running!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great job!

Happy holidays to you!