Monday, February 4, 2008

Logging for Superbowl Week

Superbowl Sunday was pretty fun this year, even without the Cowboys. Our family came over to watch, and we had some bad-for-you football food. I made Sloppy Joe's w/ lean ground turkey and Rotel Dip w/ a little sausage thrown in. Can you guess which one we ate more of? We didn't even make the attempt at putting out a salad or veggies. And why is Rotel Dip so addictive anyway? Had a post meal high of 227, but brought that down to 117 by bed time. I did spend much of the day raking, mulching, and pulling weeds in the back yard, so maybe that counted for something.

As for logging, I'm sorry to report another not stellar week of keeping up with it. I did log my blood sugars, but mostly a day or two after the fact. At that point, it seems too difficult to remember what I ate or when I exercised, or to pull the bolus amounts out of my pump history. The only way I'm going to keep up with it is to do it at least daily. Here are the results. They highlight why my A1C comes back better than I think it should. I'm all over the place, but the average is decent. That "normal range" sure is slippery to hang onto! Guess that greasy Rotel Dip (and the chips) didn't help! Is anyone else willing to share their standard deviation with me? I know we're all different, but I just wonder how out of line mine is in comparison w/ other "living real life" Type 1's out there?

Avg BG -- 171 (wk1), 161 (wk2), 140 (wk3), 156 (wk4), 141 (wk5)
Normal Range -- 25%, 43%, 40%, 34%, 34%
High -- 64%, 49%, 40%, 56%, 48%
Low -- 11%, 8%, 20%, 10%, 18%
Average Daily Standard Deviation -- 64, 65, 62, 55, 62

I did get my resume updated, contacted my references and other contacts, and even got a little action on a couple of jobs I sent in for last week. Took a while to get myself psyched up, but I'm starting to get a better feeling about being able to balance some part time accounting work with pet sitting jobs, and still maintain some lifestyle flexibility. I have a phone interview this week w/ a local firm who wants someone part time with a home office set-up (check), one of my former employees may want me to do some work for his family's business, and I have lunch set up with my old boss who may need me to do a little contract work for the old job AND have a pet sitting job for me. May also help a friend with a team photo shoot and the related processing, which would be fun. All of this is rather preliminary, so not counting my chickens before they hatch, but it's at least encouraging. This free-flowing work life thing is still new to me, and part of me loves it. The other part still obsesses about making the right choices, how much to charge, how much work to take on, etc.


Donna said...

Wow, Carol! First you don't have enough jobs and now you have so many opportunities! Something will work out, I'm sure.

Good luck on the logging!

Dee said...

I am the same with the logging, I tend to do it when I know my diabetes nurse is due to phone me, but I know from experience that if i do it as I go along, my bgs are better.

Jamie said...

Hey Carol, if you'd like to see my standard deviations, please visit my Blood Glucose Log here:

You can scroll back through the months to see more data if you like.

Hope this helps.


Carol said...

Donna, thanks for the encouragement. The job front is interesting, but still preliminary. We'll see what shakes out.

Dee, glad to know I'm not the only one. My endoc no longer looks at my logs or downloads my meter since he considers me to be well controlled...a blessing and a curse!

Jamie, your numbers look great! They make me realize that better is possible. Also, thanks for posting the diabetic runner challenge for 2008. Great idea!

Minnesota Nice said...

What standard deviation are you aiming for? I was looking at some things online and it said pwd's should aim for about 30% of their bg mean (or did it say "median"?) It is all very confusing (well, especially when you're trying to surf the 'net on work time).

Scott K. Johnson said...

That normal range IS slippery to hang on to (or even GET to for that matter!).

But you are working on it, and that simple fact carries you a long way.