Thursday, June 4, 2009

CGM Truth or Dare??

Last week the curtains were pulled back to reveal a 24X7 movie of my BG control. There was no red carpet rollout for the premier, but it was a big event for me nonetheless. I started on a new Minimed pump and CGM last Thursday.

First, I was giddy with being able to see so much more about what is happening, and just kept looking at the trends in a distant sort of way, as if they were not really connected to me. This week, reality is starting to sink in, and I'm faced with some things that I need to change if I want to improve my control. Like cutting out the late night snacking, and upping my basal rate after I workout. Both of those things are scary to me in their own ways. Even though I may have suspected them before, now the data is smacking me in the face and hard to ignore. No more namby pamby..."I'm not really sure what's happening so I'll just keep doing what I want to." I know this is a good thing, but as with facing any challenge, there is emotion and resistance to overcome.

So I guess it's really more of a game of truth AND dare now, isn't it?


Scott K. Johnson said...

I am SO in touch with how you describe looking at the trends in a distant sort of way, and being scared of some of the truths that are revealed. Emotion and resistance for sure.

Great post.

Carol said...

Thanks Scott! I've cut out most of my evening snacking and am seeing better results. But we both know this is a long term game, so the proof will be in having the changes stick. Always glad to see you posting, and I appreciate the comment.